Read Naruto 629 Manga Obito

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Naruto 629 raw will be out on tuesday night with english translation.

naruto 629 raw

naruto 629 raw

Yup thus chapter was good. The main problem is clearly obitos and naruto repetitive discourse but other then that this chapter held its own. Had it been lacking that very conversation I think most would have liked it more.  Read it again and skip obitos exceptthe part with kamui and kakashi and i think yyou will see it for what is really is. It is a clear advancement in the battle.

Kishimoto’s got his big oneshot coming in next month’s Jump SQ, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just put Naruto in a holding pattern so he could have time to work on it before shifting his focus back.

People are just focusing on the conversation with obito?? Out of everything else that happened?? The alliance are in a bad condition and kakashi just got kidnapped, the stakes are high and that was a good cliffhanger

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